Behr Paint Midnight Blue: A Sophisticated Hue for Interior and Exterior Elegance

Behr Paint Midnight Blue captivates with its enigmatic depth and versatility, inviting you to explore a world of design possibilities where sophistication and style intertwine.

From its intriguing color profile to its boundless applications, Midnight Blue emerges as a true masterpiece, transforming spaces into canvases of timeless allure.

Behr Paint Midnight Blue Color Profile

Behr Paint Midnight Blue is a dark, saturated shade of blue that evokes the depth and mystery of a moonless night. Its rich hue, high saturation, and deep value create a captivating and elegant atmosphere in any space.

The hex code for Midnight Blue is #191970, its RGB values are (25, 25, 112), and its CMYK values are (78, 78, 0, 56). These values indicate that Midnight Blue is a deep, dark blue with a slightly purplish undertone.

Color Profile Breakdown

  • Hue:Midnight Blue is a blue hue with a slightly purplish undertone. This means that it is a mixture of blue and purple pigments, with the blue pigment being dominant.
  • Saturation:Midnight Blue has a high saturation, which means that it is a very intense and vibrant blue. The high saturation gives Midnight Blue its rich and captivating color.
  • Value:Midnight Blue has a deep value, which means that it is a dark blue. The deep value gives Midnight Blue its mysterious and elegant appearance.

Design Inspirations and Color Combinations

Behr Paint Midnight Blue offers a versatile palette for interior and exterior design. Its deep, rich hue adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. Whether used as the primary color or as an accent, Midnight Blue creates a stunning backdrop for various design styles.

Complementary Color Combinations

Complementary colors, such as yellow and orange, create a vibrant and eye-catching contrast when paired with Midnight Blue. These warm hues bring out the cool undertones of the blue, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. For example, a navy blue wall with golden yellow accents adds a touch of warmth and coziness to a living room.

Analogous Color Combinations

Analogous colors, such as navy and teal, create a harmonious and cohesive look when paired with Midnight Blue. These similar hues blend seamlessly, creating a calming and sophisticated ambiance. For example, a Midnight Blue sofa with teal throw pillows and navy curtains adds a touch of depth and dimension to a bedroom.

Monochromatic Color Combinations

Monochromatic color combinations, using different shades of the same color, create a sleek and sophisticated look. Midnight Blue can be paired with lighter shades of blue, such as cobalt or cerulean, to create a layered and visually appealing effect. For example, a Midnight Blue wall with cobalt blue accents adds a touch of drama and intrigue to a dining room.

Neutral Color Combinations

Neutral colors, such as white, gray, and beige, provide a timeless backdrop for Midnight Blue. These hues allow the deep blue to take center stage while adding a touch of warmth and balance. For example, a Midnight Blue accent wall with white trim and beige furniture creates a classic and elegant living room.

Interior and Exterior Applications

Behr Paint Midnight Blue is a versatile hue that can be used effectively in both interior and exterior settings. Its deep, rich color adds depth and character to any space.

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Interior Applications

  • Bedrooms:Midnight Blue creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms, making it an ideal choice for master suites and guest rooms.
  • Living rooms:Midnight Blue adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to living rooms. It pairs well with neutral colors like white and gray, or with bolder colors like gold and emerald green.
  • Kitchens:Midnight Blue can be used to create a dramatic statement in kitchens. It looks especially striking when paired with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Exterior Applications

  • Front doors:Midnight Blue is a bold and inviting color for front doors. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes a great first impression.
  • Shutters:Midnight Blue shutters add a touch of curb appeal to homes. They pair well with white or gray siding and black or brown trim.
  • Exterior walls:Midnight Blue can be used to create a dramatic exterior look. It looks especially striking on homes with white trim and black or brown accents.

Comparisons with Similar Shades

When comparing Behr Paint Midnight Blue to similar shades of blue from other paint brands, it stands out for its deep, rich, and slightly greenish hue. Midnight Blue offers a unique balance of warmth and coolness, making it a versatile choice for both traditional and contemporary spaces.

One notable distinction is its subtle green undertone, which sets it apart from other dark blue shades that may appear more flat or one-dimensional. This green undertone adds depth and complexity to the color, allowing it to harmonize well with both warm and cool accent colors.

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Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy

  • Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is a similar shade of blue, but it has a slightly lighter and more grayish undertone compared to Midnight Blue.
  • Hale Navy is a classic and versatile navy blue that pairs well with both light and dark accent colors.

Sherwin-Williams’ Naval

  • Sherwin-Williams’ Naval is a darker and more saturated shade of blue compared to Midnight Blue.
  • Naval has a strong blue undertone with minimal green, making it a bold and dramatic choice for walls and accents.

Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, Behr paint midnight blue

  • Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue is a deep and moody shade of blue that is slightly darker than Midnight Blue.
  • Hague Blue has a subtle green undertone, but it is less pronounced compared to Midnight Blue, giving it a more traditional and sophisticated look.

Product Specifications and Finishes

Behr Paint Midnight Blue is a highly durable and versatile paint with various specifications and finish options to suit different project needs.

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In terms of coverage, one gallon of Behr Paint Midnight Blue can cover approximately 400 square feet when applied in a single coat. The coverage may vary slightly depending on the surface texture and porosity.

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Sheen Options

Behr Paint Midnight Blue is available in a range of sheen options, each providing a distinct aesthetic effect:

  • Flat:Provides a matte finish with minimal light reflection, ideal for hiding surface imperfections and creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • Eggshell:Offers a slightly reflective finish with a subtle sheen, providing a balance between durability and light reflection.
  • Satin:A versatile finish with a moderate sheen, offering both durability and a soft, luminous appearance.
  • Semi-Gloss:Exhibits a higher sheen level, creating a glossy finish that is resistant to stains and moisture, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Gloss:Provides the highest level of sheen, resulting in a reflective and durable finish that is often used for trim, doors, and cabinets.


Behr Paint Midnight Blue is formulated with advanced resins and pigments, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to fading, chipping, and peeling. It is also mildew-resistant, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications in various climates.

Epilogue: Behr Paint Midnight Blue

As we bid farewell to our exploration of Behr Paint Midnight Blue, let its enigmatic charm linger in your imagination. Whether gracing interior walls or adorning exterior facades, this extraordinary hue promises to elevate your spaces to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

Quick FAQs

What is the color profile of Behr Paint Midnight Blue?

Midnight Blue boasts a deep and насыщенный синий hue with a hint of green, possessing the following values: Hex Code: #191970, RGB: (25, 25, 112), CMYK: (78, 78, 0, 56).

How can I incorporate Behr Paint Midnight Blue into my interior design?

Midnight Blue serves as a versatile accent color, complementing neutral tones such as white, gray, and beige. It can also be paired with bolder hues like gold, copper, or emerald green for a striking effect.

Is Behr Paint Midnight Blue suitable for exterior use?

Yes, Midnight Blue is a durable paint designed to withstand the elements. Its fade-resistant formula ensures that its rich color remains vibrant even when exposed to sunlight and rain.